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Ice and snow sports popular Beijing New Year's day holiday

Date: 2016-01-04

China news agency in Beijing on January 3 (xinhua in vertical clouds) 3 is New Year's day small long vacation last day.Beijing LvYouWei said in A news release on the day, the city's 130 a-class and main scenic area, three days, every 2.4 million people grew by 4.5% year on year;Tourism income is 23.6 million yuan, up 39% from a year earlier.Fete for snow and ice and snow sports is the most popular with visitors.
This winter is Beijing's bid to host the 2022 winter games successful first winter, downtown and suburb are held a variety of colorful activities to snow and ice.Beijing pinggu yu Yang ski resorts, yanqing Shi Jinglong ski resort, attracted numerous skiers.
The Summer Palace in the city area, the north sea, yuyuantan, joyous pavilion, purple bamboo, Beijing botanical garden and park to create "ice and snow festival," launched hundreds of ice sports, both too, speed skating, BingHuaTi traditional activities, such as CS, snowmobile, also have snow snow flying saucers and other garden project.The snow flying saucer, snow leisurely wave ball and bikes are the most popular snow.
China's existing largest and best-preserved imperial garden, the Summer Palace, the winter in kunming lake has opened up a new ice rink, 700000 square meters of open area is seven times bigger than last year, become the largest natural ice in the Beijing area.Tourists play sliding on the ice, can feel the natural artistic conception of ice and snow, enjoy the royal gardens of the winter amorous feelings.
The data also showed that the New Year's day, three days Beijing city attractions relatively stable number of tourists, the imperial palace reception 124000 person-time, the temple of heaven park reception 86000 person-time, beihai park reception 82000 person-time, the Summer Palace reception 50000 person-time, badaling Great Wall received 45000 visitors.
Beijing rural folk tourism present an obvious increase.Data show that during the New Year's day, country folk receive visitors up to 340000 people, up 8.9%;Folk tourism income of 25.84 million yuan, up 14.6% from a year earlier.Among them, the daxing folk tourism 71000 person-time, miyun folk tourism 66000 person-time, huairou 55000 person-times of folk tourism, yanqing folk tourism 35000 person-time.(after)