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Metro line 1 at reduced to 2 points reached world-class level

Date: 2016-01-04

New net of Beijing on December 29 (reporter Du Yan) the country's first subway line, Beijing subway line 1 in after 46 years past, today has reached the international rail transit operation interval of top level, realize the 2 minutes interval, capacity increased by 4.2%.
Today, metro line 1 interval by 2 minutes 5 seconds shortened to 2 points.The relevant person in charge of Beijing subway operation co., LTD., said the use of signal system of line 1 is now the world is generally used to rail transit traffic signal system, is the train automatic control system based on wireless communication technology, which can realize moving block, in short, is controlled by the system automatically trains safe distance, which can realize the shortest interval train.
, start from March 12, 2013, the Beijing subway during the day, don't stop, don't affect the conditions of passenger travel, overcome the construction only 3 hours at night, cross homework more and more involved in professional adverse factors, created the miracle of existing signal system, CBTC signal system operation of line 1 and a half months.
Said, two points interval also adopted a new train running, narrowed the peak interval, morning and evening peak minimum interval by 2 points 5 seconds to 2 minutes, capacity increased by 4.2%;Turnaround time increased to 118 points, which increases the part of the interchange station stop time, adjust the interval of the running time;Online train set by 55 to 59 group;All open ranks the increase in the number of 49 columns;New train running in the morning rush time continue to daily operation station express.
For line 1 new running after running smoothly and orderly, Beijing metro line running binary 1 cabin center has established a number of security measures, including analysis of train diagrams, timely to ensure the flight attendants everyone know new characteristic;Arrange technical backbone in key station, transfer station throughout the day, need large passenger station, to assist the crew confirmed the door clearance, handling all kinds of unexpected emergency, to ensure that the overall operating smoothly after use of it.In addition, aiming at the condition of the running change more frequently, center for operation room, signal floor to have each other, checklist, ensure timely, accurate running change.
The reporter understands in sparkles station, the station sparkles the new trains running issued by the station in time, let all controller known as running the technical parameters and the characteristics of the peak in the morning and evening, strengthening contact scheduling command center and the steward of the mechanism, in case of problems timely feedback.
About 2 minutes and the effect of interval, officials said, peak time, early today due to full are reduced, compared to the train line 1 apple orchards, ancient city, anise amusement park, wukesong, wanshou road, gongzhufen station stranded passengers, on-site guidance staff and passengers overall feeling empty than before in the car, get in the car is easier than before.Morning rush at the same time, shorten the distance makes the end station peak time nearly more than ten minutes ahead of time, has played a positive effect on site operation.(after)