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Cultural calendar snaps back into "hot style"

Date: 2016-01-04

Sanlian TaoFen entered the art gallery, tung street, you can see a bookcase put cultural calendar in 2016.Almost every customer passed, will be attracted by the calendar on the shelf, couldn't stop looking at it.
Until at the end of a batch of cultural calendar began to "explode" major e-commerce sites and social media, cultural calendar occasionally has sold out of stock, and on the weibo, WeChat "sun calendar" has become the new fashion network.The old cultural calendar, with new "high level" appearance counter attack.
The calendar of the imperial palace 1 day to sell 50000 copies
A variety of cultural calendar this year, the lowest priced more than 60 yuan, the highest 180 yuan.According to sanlian TaoFen business director Kong Lingqin, can see on market at present, in addition to the "calendar of the imperial palace" has been popular in recent years, and published by zhonghua "a dream of red mansions" calendar "the beauty of the Chinese calendar, one-way space released ChanXiangLi, penguin" penguin hand account ", published by the China youth press, fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo art calendar etc.
Cultural calendar also bestseller list into the bookstore.On December 14 sanlian TaoFen solstice December 20 best-seller list, the calendar of the imperial palace "the beauty of Chinese calendar on the list, respectively, in the fifth and the 11th."The imperial palace calendar sales are good in recent years, is still the highest sales this year, with a customer to buy more than 100 copies, to give to his relatives and friends."Kong Lingqin said.And news from the press, said in "a" double tenth day of this year, the calendar of the imperial palace is hit a staggering 50000 copies of sales.
Emergency printing is no longer bestseller exclusive.Zhong Jane says Yu Zuo praise, general manager of company, the publication of the beauty of Chinese calendar time late, but the first run of 10000 copies sold out quickly, then printed 10000 copies of emergency, now sold out at any time again.Calendar 2016 edition of "a dream of red mansions" is also very popular, the selection of the poems of a dream of red mansions QuFu couplets, etc. More than hundred, from the origin of poetry, background and cultural connotation annotation, appreciation, and matches by hundreds of exquisite ancient calligraphy and painting works, the first printed 50000 copies, on less than two months basic running out."We've been in circulation department to rush, but is not to come out, because some places need manual binding, done slowly."Zhong hua cultural heritage bureau chief Zhu Zhenhua said.
Cultural calendar was first into the book list.Calendar in the online voting, "a dream of red mansions" become "2015 zhong hua readers favorite top ten books of the year".As a result, even the press too.
"Sun calendar" into a collective behavior
In a sense, the growth of new media has given rise to cultural calendar, cultural calendar "born", in which not only and "long" in it.
One-way space marketing director often dream however, said that "ChanXiangLi" initially "one way street bookshop" WeChat public platform of a creative writing, editing team originally wanted to in the Spring Festival in 2015, in the form of traditional calendar for busy people to return to the moment, will be loyal to the life.After the Spring Festival, the ChanXiangLi stopped updating, behold, many readers have a message in the background, urged the ChanXiangLi's return.
"We decided not to live up to everyone's expectations, will the ChanXiangLi this form has been continue."Often dream said.Throughout 2015, ChanXiangLi update everyday, in November this year has also been made into physical print, since going public response is good, the current sales reached more than 50000 copies.
At the same time, the sun calendar calendar also makes culture to get more space to grow up.On the social media such as weibo, circle of friends of the calendar photographs taken carefully, and with a fine words, almost become a kind of collective behavior.Netizen "many los cc" in weibo commented: "get ya book a calendar of the imperial palace. BeiTa collection collection of words, painting a picture, in the form of fit in the calendar, in the 1930 s creative today still not out of date."The net friend also, old wind to reproduce.Actress yao Chen also forwarded the story about the ChanXiangLi weibo, and commented: "miss page after page of primitive simplicity is elegant, love at first sight! Tear to the feeling of the calendar, like tentacles can touch every day."