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The Summer Palace first introduced nearly 30 pieces of migrating south cultural relics

Date: 2016-01-04

Yesterday, "legend, witness, the Summer Palace warmth-loving creature exhibition" held in the Summer Palace, the event features garden hidden in treasures fine relics and historical documents a total of 73, with nearly 30 pieces of cultural relics is the first time in more than 60 years.Exhibition will last until February 2016.
Located at the Summer Palace, the actors in the building of the professional exhibition hall, PAM in the Ming dynasty the hoard of embedded fangsheng grain of grain Fu, song dynasty; the square 67 pieces of cultural relics, such as high-quality goods under shading lights, glow endless charm.These cultural relics are also experienced an epic story of south of cultural relics
Move.To remember the extraordinary history, the Summer Palace garden national treasure hidden in a warmth-loving creature will rally exhibition of cultural relics and historical documents for the first time.Exhibition reflects the Summer Palace, 650 cases 2445 pieces of precious cultural relics hidden from 1933 to 1933, to avoid war 18 years had passed the final twists and turns of the part belong to the garden.
& amp;Gt;& amp;Gt;Background, links migrating south "national treasure",
After "918" incident broke out in 1931, the Japanese invaders presided over the northeast, lay in north China.Beijing (called beiping) this with all previous dynasties imperial art treasure of ancient capital was hanging by a thread.In the autumn of 1932, the national Palace Museum began to choose to cultural relics, according to the type of packing.In January 1933, Japanese troops storm yu guan (i.e., shanhaiguan), Beijing has been under imminent war threats.In March 1933, the Summer Palace relics with the palace treasures warmth-loving creature.From march to may, the Summer Palace is divided into three groups, cultural relics with the palace treasures on the road to a warmth-loving creature.According to records, to participate in a warmth-loving creature of the Summer Palace, a total of 2445 pieces of cultural relics, the other containing a book integration, 528.
After more than ten years drift from place to place, after the victory of the war, migrating south national treasure back to nanjing at the end of 1947.Migrating south part as the victory of the war of liberation, along with the national treasure of the Summer Palace relics north back to Beijing in early 1950.
It is reported, the back garden a total of 368 pieces of cultural relics, only about 15% of the total number of cultural relics at the beginning of the migrating south, give priority to with porcelain, jade, bronze ware, also includes some furniture furnishings class cultural relic, become a part of the Summer Palace is the core of cultural relics collection.(source: Beijing times reporter: jin-feng ma)