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Beijing New Year countdown Mayor of the five countries to send blessings

Date: 2016-01-04

China news agency Beijing January 1 (reporter in vertical clouds) on the evening of December 31, "2016 Beijing New Year countdown celebration" held in the ancestral temple in Beijing from South Korea, Canada, New Zealand, mayor of the capital of Latvia, five countries in South Africa, through the big screen for Beijing residents on New Year's blessing.
This year New Year countdown activity to "golden dream, the full Beijing" as the theme, the stage model for the character "jing", the lights of the red and gold with glazed tile forming harmonious beauty of the old building ancestral temple.On the vision with "hail" as the design concept, the traditional Chinese character "fu" fell full, in the coming year, wish all the best in ankang, blessing Beijing more beautiful tomorrow.
Looks like night under the ancestral temple, yi yi is unripe brightness.22 when 30 points, Beijing New Year countdown starts, in the ancestral temple temple, the Chinese and foreign guest beat chimes praying for the New Year.To send "f" word, famous calligrapher splash-ink master of folk art production "f" word paper-cut, embroidery, "fu" character "fu" Beijing word calligraphy, Beijing flavour of folk art show.
At 23, the official start of the theatrical performances, thriving in the "open the door to see Mr Knocked on the meet the reality of the New Year, happy JiShan flower drum and full of fashionable element against modern drum show, played a unique Chinese culture.
Model in the ancient Chinese classic costume walking leisurely, Chinese elements are shown on the set off of ancestral temple grand temple."Golden monkey spring" will show the scene atmosphere to a climax, golden monkeys are running and exultant, wish good luck in year of the monkey, happy auspicious.
Five continents of the singers sing Chinese songs "I sing Beijing", the stage background screen playing elegantly beautiful scenery, combined full-bodied amorous feelings of Beijing, Beijing presents to the world of Beijing's most high quality tourism resources, the most warm invitation to friends of the world.
Symbolizes the giant hourglass of time appear in the middle of the field, the golden sand flowing 2015 from 2016.As the "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" cheers, the New Year's bell sounded, ancestral temple gold immediately, countless forms of "f" word float through the air.The audience warm hug to each other, bless each other, bless Beijing more beautiful.
Beijing New Year countdown activity since 2011, has successively in the temple of heaven, the Summer Palace, badaling Great Wall, and the bird's nest successfully held four sessions, gradually become the world's attention in cities across the new brand, become show the image of Beijing international city, to promote the tourism resources of Beijing important platform.(after)